Preferred Affiliate Program

The Parks Consulting Group, LLC announces its Preferred Affiliate Program.

With the changes coming to Home Inspections in Ohio on April 5, 2019 we are offering a discount on our $150.00 Electrical Panel Inspection to both Home Inspectors, those who want to offer this inspection to their clients and Real Estate Agents, whose clients have concerns about the state of the electrical panel and its components. Many agents and most Home Inspectors do not have a relationship with an Electrical Inspector (Electrical Safety Inspector – (ESI)), someone who is certified by the State of Ohio to perform electrical inspections.

ESI Look Up

3783.06 Certificate required.

No person shall engage in the practice of electrical inspection in this state unless he is the holder of a certificate of competency as an electrical safety inspector issued under Chapter 3783. of the Revised Code. Any person practicing or offering to practice electrical inspection shall show proof of his certification upon request as provided by rules of the board of building standards.

Effective Date: 03-22-1973.

Being in our Preferred Affiliate Program will guarantee that you will get your Electrical Panel Inspection within the inspection period if you give us notice at the beginning of the inspection period. We will try to service last minute requests, those less than 72-hour notice, but we will not guarantee on availability.


We reserve the right to limit the number of agents and inspectors in the program. To get the details on becoming an affiliate please contact us. Mike – ESI #2116 Certified since 2002

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