Home Inspector Program

Home Inspector Program

Ohio's Home Inspector Program Draft Rules are available.


To read the first draft go here.

Why your input is required.

This is what would be required under the standard of practices if adopted.

Home Inspector Program

This is dangerous

This is dangerous in so many ways.

  1. First allowing a Home Inspector to take online training and then expecting him to know that dangers of working around electricity borders on criminal.
  2. For the purposes of 1910.331 through 1910.335, a person must have the training required by paragraph (b)(3) of this section in order to be considered a qualified person.
  3. (A) The board of building standards shall issue a certificate of competency as an electrical safety inspector to any person whom it determines to be of good moral character and who successfully passes an examination pursuant to division (B) of this section, or who qualifies for renewal pursuant to section 3783.04 of the Revised Code. Each certificate of competency issued by the board shall be signed by the chairman and the secretary of the board, and shall show on its face the dates of issuance and expiration.
  4. (B) The "practice of electrical inspection" includes any ascertainment of compliance with the Ohio building code, or the electrical code of a political subdivision of this state by a person, who, for compensation, inspects the construction and installation of electrical conductors, fittings, devices, and fixtures for light, heat or power services equipment, or the installation, alteration, replacement, maintenance, or repair of any electrical wiring and equipment that is subject to any of the aforementioned codes.
  5. Home Inspectors are going to read the rules and think that this means that they are deemed qualified to perform an electrical inspection.

Do you want someone who took an online course looking at your electrical panel? Or would you rather it be inspected by someone with a Certificate of Competency from the State of Ohio?

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