New Construction Inspections

The “rough inspection” is the most inspection that you can have during the new home construction process. This is the time to see everything before the insulation then the drywall are installed. Otherwise you are just guessing as to what is behind the walls! We have been certified to inspect all 4 (four) major components in the construction process.

Existing Structure Inspections

Some people refer to this as a Home Inspection. Home Inspections are better that no inspection at all. However, if you are buying an existing home don’t you want to know if the electrical system was altered? The plumbing system? These systems require knowledge of the code. Home Inspectors do not inspect for code issues. In fact, when it comes to certain code violations, like electrical violations, they are not allowed to tell you if those electrical code violations exist! Violations are pretty important to know. We are allowed to inspect and comment on (tell you about)  these issues.

Special Inspections

We provide many services that are not provided by a Home Inspector and even most P.E.

Plans Examination

We have the ability to review your plans before construction and more importantly to examine them during the rough inspection.


We use the best software on the market and have for the past 15+ years.

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