Habitation Investigation LLC ATTACKS Inspector Mike®

In an effort to discredit Inspector Mike® well known inspection firm Habitation Investigation LLC reported Inspector Mike® to the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing for: telling people about his credentials.


I recently discovered that I was reported to the Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing for “He is intentionally misleading people about his credentials.”

I found this interesting coming from someone who is not licensed as a home inspector in Ohio and whose only “credential” is possessing a downloadable inspector certification. Not as a home inspector but as a Certified Professional Inspector®. I am impressed:

"The certification mark, as used by persons authorized by the certifier, certifies that the inspections of residential and commercial buildings provided have been performed by an inspector who has met the online examination requirements as established by the certifier."

To learn more about this internet certification go here for the facts: https://www.nachi.org/cpi.htm

I am not sure what the hell this certificate means but I do not possess one and doubt if I will ever need to.

“Locally owned and operated, our busy home inspection company is expanding, and we are looking to hire additional home inspectors in the central Ohio area. Do not worry about the scheduling and the marketing, just focus on what you love doing… home inspections! Do not need to be licensed but would prefer. At minimum, must be able to meet state requirements for licensure.”

Of course, you do not need to be licensed, why would you? Just use clever marketing and do not tell the real estate professionals, who are not allowed to recommend unlicensed home inspectors, that you are a fraud.

What advertising of mine was sent to the state?


What is there to review? Maybe if the unlicensed home inspector read Ohio law before filing a complaint, she would have discovered that everything that I say is true. Or maybe it is because she wants to hire more unlicensed home inspectors, as her, and is afraid that people will discover that they employ unqualified home inspectors.




Personally, I could not care if they hired 100 unqualified home inspectors. My expertise is the new construction inspection market that she is complaining about to the state. Does she believe that one of her inspectors can inspect a new build to verify that it meets the minimum requirements? Owning a home inspection company does not allow you to do this:





This is strictly forbidden under current Ohio law. Maybe, if she had not called me out, I would have never discovered this fraud. But since she wants to go there so will I. Unlike her I will post facts.

Hides behind a computer.

Guess what? Chief Counsel for the Division never replied to her. Why? Because they have no jurisdiction with regard to new construction. See RC 4764.01(C). New construction inspections are not included under a home inspector license. Once the home is built and receives its C of O, then things change. A home inspector must provide a full home inspection, no partial inspections, as described in RC 4764.02(C) if he/she inspects a new home:

(C) No person shall perform a home inspection unless the home inspection conforms to requirements specified in rules adopted by the Ohio home inspector board pursuant to division (A)(10) of section 4764.05 of the Revised Code.



A home inspector cannot tell you if the new home that you are building is built correctly, plumbed correctly, if the HVAC is installed properly and most importantly is prohibited from:

RC 3783.01(B)

(B) The "practice of electrical inspection" includes any ascertainment of compliance with the Ohio building code, or the electrical code of a political subdivision of this state by a person, who, for compensation, inspects the construction and installation of electrical conductors, fittings, devices, and fixtures for light, heat or power services equipment, or the installation, alteration, replacement, maintenance, or repair of any electrical wiring and equipment that is subject to any of the aforementioned codes.

I know that people try to ruin my business behind the scenes, but that is life – I will get over it. However, when you go on the public record to destroy my reputation – well that is why we have a legal system. It is long and drawn out and costly. This is not the first time that I have had to defend myself in court and I doubt if it will be the last.

For the YPN you should probably get your legal advice from OAR and not an unlicensed home inspector. My question to you is – how the hell do you sell real estate in the State of Ohio and not know the laws that pertain to inspections as part of a real estate transaction? Why would you vet my sharing my business info with you with a perceived competitor? Does that seem ethical to you? Do you care that they can not do what I do?

I will just add this to my antitrust file.

Is there something wrong with me advertising my services? You cannot do what I do so why does my advertising both you?

Stick to home inspections or tepee inspections and leave the new construction inspections to those who are qualified to do them. The ones that the state says are competent.

You thought that you could hide behind your computer and ruin someone’s life. Well looks like you FU.


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