Electric Grandfathered?

Is the electric grandfathered in the Home that you are buying? If it’s not who is going to pay to fix it? You? The seller? We have seen simple $100.00 fixes turn into repairs in the thousands. Protect yourself. Call us!

Electric Grandfathered?

Sometimes a simple recommendations from a Home Inspector to add GFCI protection in areas of a Home can trigger the lost of the grandfathered status of the homes electrical system.

Wouldn’t you like to know before you move into your home that it doesn’t require costly upgrades?

A Home Inspector is doing a visual inspection of the Home. He is not using the electrical code to see if big surprises are coming your way.

Protect yourself and ask your real estate agent to schedule an electrical panel inspection by us. Central Ohio’s only Home Inspection firm with a fulltime Electrical Safety Inspector.

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