Chapter 4764 Home Inspectors

Chapter 4764 Home Inspectors is SB255. It goes into effect on April 5th 2019.

Home Inspectors will not have to hold a license until November 2, 2019.



Here are the two most important to start with.

First what is a Home Inspection and second what is included.

(C) "Home inspection" means the process by which a home inspector conducts a visual examination of the readily accessible components of a residential building for a client. "Home inspection" does not include pest inspections; environmental testing; inspection of any property or structure conducted by an employee or representative of an insurer licensed to transact business in this state under Title XXXIX of the Revised Code for purposes related to the business of insurance; or determination of compliance with applicable statutes, rules, resolutions, or ordinances, including, without limitation, building, zoning, or historic codes.

(G) "Readily accessible" means available for visual inspection without requiring a person to move or dismantle personal property, take destructive measures, or take any other action that will involve risk to a person or to the property.


An Example of a prohibited act

Chapter 4764 Home Inspectors

Removing the cover from an electrical panel. Why is it prohibited? It doesn't say that in the law.

First let us start with why would you remove an electrical panel cover.

  1. To perform electrical work.
  2. To inspect the inside.

Those are the only two reasons to remove the cover.

#1 is easy because we know that the Home Inspector is not there to perform electrical work.

#2 involves more thought.

  1. R.C. 3783.06 prohibits anyone not certified as an Electrical Safety Inspector from performing an electrical inspection. That should be clear enough.
  2. If the cover is removed what are you inspecting? If you comment on how the components are installed then you are performing an illegal electrical inspection.
  3. The inside of an electrical panel is NOT readily accessible. It requires a screwdriver to remove it (a tool).

This is not from Chapter 4764 Home Inspectors

The NEC’s definition of readily accessible states: “capable of being reached quickly for operation, renewal, or inspections without requiring those to whom ready access is requisite to actions such as to use tools, to climb over or remove obstacles, or to resort to portable ladders and so forth.” The underlined text is new for the 2014 NEC but not new for anyone working on or installing electrical equipment, because the requirement for “no tool access” for certain equipment installations has long been a rule that everyone understood, even if the “no tool rule” wasn’t previously in the definition.

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