Ohio Building Code Academy

My Approach

My approach is simple. Every structure is different therefore, no two inspections can be or should the same. There is no cookie-cutter reporting. Yes, the format is similar but again no two reports are alike. 

The important aspects of the inspection are reported and we stay away from the ‘fluff’ that most home inspection reports contain. Our custom reports are professional and easy to read.

My Story

I have always been far ahead of the ‘Home’ Inspection curve since discovering in 2002 that the State of Ohio requires ‘anyone’ who inspects electrical systems, to be certified by the state.

He had been inspecting homes for about three years when he discovered that he , being a Licensed Electrical Contractor OH. LIC. #26286, was prohibited from making any assertation as to the condition of the electrical system in a home.

Having discovered this he met with then Secretary of the Board of Building Standards John Brant, the attorney who helped write Chapter 3783 of the Ohio Revised Code. After Mike’s meeting he obtained permission from the state, and yes it is required, to take the exam to become an Electrical Safety Inspector.

I have held that Certificate of Competency since 2002.

In 2006 Ohio adopted its first statewide residential building code. The Residential Code of Ohio (RCO). Mike has its top certification, a Residential Building Official (RBO), and held it on the first day that the law went into effect.

Meet Inspector Mike

Columbus Ohio's Inspector

Mike continues to be a leader in the inspection field. With Senate Bill 255 passing and going into effect on Nov. 1,  2019 [Now postponed until April 2020], the Home Inspection business will be in chaos. This has not affect Inspector Mike  because he has been certified for 17 years to inspect new construction homes and is not limited by the new Home Inspector legislation.