Ohio gets its first Home Inspection Law!

Licensed Home Inspectors coming to Ohio.

New Construction Inspections

We were certified on the first day that the Residential Code of Ohio became law. 2 June 2006.

Ohio never had a set of rules for residential construction until that time.

Being a Licensed Home Inspector does not mean that you can perform New Construction Inspections AKA code inspections.

Existing Structure Inspections

All single family homes fall under the Residential Code of Ohio.

If you home was built before 2 June 2006 it is anyone guess as to what code applied at that time.


Specialty Trades Inspections

What is a specialty trade inspection?

These inspections are to insure that the specialty contractor, electrician, plumber, hvac, did their job properly.

Those who are licensed under R.C 4740.

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Apples to Oranges

How do you qualify the Inspector for that home that you are buying?

  • You could ask Uncle Joe or you could hire a Home Inspector or you could hire a Professional Engineer


  • You could hire a company that is a Residential Building Department.

We do all of the following

  • Plans Examinations
  • Footing Inspections
  • Framing Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Plumbing Inspections
  • Mechanical Inspections
  • Code Consultation
  • Whole House Inspections
  • EMF Inspections
  • Disputes
  • Expert Testimony

Home Inspection or Code Inspection?

What is the difference? Should you care?

Buying a Home is probably one of the most important things that you will ever do for you family. Getting it Inspected is like going to your family doctor. It lets you know if the home is in generally good condition or if further examination by specialists is required.

Every home will have problems over its lifetime. So be prepared for surprises. Having the home that you are buying Inspected is supposed to let you know if any of those surprises are visible. AKA patent defects.

When choosing an Inspector for your home ask what standard that the Inspector is using. Is it a standard that is recognized world wide? Not only is our standard known world wide it is the same standard that The State of Ohio uses. It is an ICC based standard called The Residential Code of Ohio. AKA the RCO.



After you have compared Inspectors please call